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Brit is a breath of fresh air. She guides each class with ease, grace and a wealth of experience in a variety of yoga styles. Her classes are the perfect combination of movement, stillness and inner contemplation, providing a safe space to nurture a deeper connection to our own bodies and breath. Brit's unique sequencing style and taste in music make her classes memorable and rejuvenating! She is my favourite teacher to practice with online and in studio.

Lauren, Collingwood

I'm a big fan of Brittany and the classes she offers. They are accessible and whichever type of class you choose to practice, she always brings the focus back to you and your needs. Brittany is talented at creating a unique atmosphere and experience. If you ever thought you couldn't do yoga, give her classes a try.

Cathy, Toronto

Brit is a wonderful yoga teacher and human! Her thoughtful classes unravel like a dream and before you know it, you've been lost in your practice for the entirety of it! She's a great guide whose cues make taking a virtual class easy. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a class to add to their routine!

Aarthi, Belleville

I love doing yoga with Brittany! She is such a calm presence and her virtual guidance is peaceful, intentional and spiritual. I feel a huge sense of connection and peace when I practice with her, I love how it motivates me to keep going and seek more of the magic that happens during her classes. I am hooked and her classes are a perfect fit for some calm in my busy lifestyle with young kids!

Emily, Toronto

I was drawn to Brittany's virtual classes after seeing a very heart felt, honest and inspiring post she made on Instagram using some random yoga hashtag I was following. After reading the post I was compelled to message her and request some videos/lessons/suggestions for postpartum recovery in my own yoga practice. She was quite responsive and helpful - she even catered my first virtual Slow Flow class with her to accommodate my postpartum inquiry. I live very far away from Brittany but feel so connected to her practice when I am in her virtual classes. She is accommodating, kind, knowledgeable and overall just a great instructor and an inspiring yogi in general.

Amber, Alabama

Virtually or in-person, Brittany always creates the most seamless flows that build strength and open up the body. After each class I walk away with a stronger foundation and much more flexible! I really appreciate how much emphasis she puts on proper alignment, it constantly causes me to check and correct myself to avoid injury and to be able to safely push myself farther than I thought I could!

Kendra, Toronto

Brit is an amazing instructor, I am so happy to have found her. She has enhanced my practice and my love for yoga. She is more knowledgeable than any other instructor I have had. Her classes flow so nicely and encourage strength, flexibility and spiritual connection. She has inspired me to deepen my connection with myself through movement and conscious breath work. I am so excited and grateful every time I come to my mat with her.

Carolyn, Muskoka

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