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Start Your Practice

  • Single Virtual Class

    Perfect if you are looking to book a drop in class
    Valid for one week
    • 5 Virtual Classes

      Perfect if you're looking to drop into multiple classes
      Valid for one month
      • Monthly Unlimited

        Participate in unlimited classes for 1 month
        Valid for one month
        • Unlimited Auto Renew

          Every month
          For those of us who don't want to think about repurchasing!
          • Unlimited classes for the month, renews each month
        • 5 Recorded Classes

          Perfect for those who can't make live classes
          Valid for one month
          • Tailored package of 5 pre-recorded classes to fit your needs


        Money should never be the reason someone doesn't practice.

        Do you want to be guided through a yoga practice but the financial commitment is preventing you from doing that? I never want this to be a barrier that stops someone from getting on their mat. Please, get in touch if this is your current situation and we will find a way together for you to join class.

        Yoga Mat and Straps
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