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They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Together, let's build the life-changing habit of daily meditation. 

Meditation is something that intimidated me for a long time. I thought that to be "good" at meditation, you had to sit in stillness and have a still mind for long periods of time. Boy, was I wrong. 

Through practice, I learned that meditation isn't about having a clear, still mind. Meditation is about observing your thoughts, but not identifying with them. It is about acknowledging what is happening in your mind, but remaining as the witness. 

Just like yoga, meditation takes practice. Often times, we get discouraged at the beginning because it doesn't feel like it is "working". However, over time and with consistency, the real benefits start to reveal themselves. Think of meditation like exercising a muscle that you’ve never really worked out before. It takes consistent practice to get comfortable. In my experience, having a teacher makes this a lot easier, which is why I want to provide this special 21 day course for you.

Over the course of 21 days, we will meditate together daily. I find meditation is easiest in the morning, before the day begins, so the live classes will take place every weekday at 7:30am EST and on weekends at 8:00am EST. Recordings will be available for those in different timezones or for when life happens and you can't make a class. That said, if possible I recommend attending the live sessions.

During our 21 days together, we will explore various types of meditation so you can get a taste of them all: Focused Attention, Body Scan, Loving-Kindness, Visualization, Mantra and so many more! Sessions will run anywhere from 10-25 minutes. Some may involve gentle movement, but we will mostly be settling in to comfortable seated shapes. I recommend getting cozy - blankets & pillows galore!

This 21 day offering is only $75 - that's about $3.50 per session. Of course, you can access many amazing meditation resources online for free (which I recommend you do regardless), but in this series we will keep each other accountable and truly build a life-changing habit together.  


I loved the Meditation Series!! For anyone looking to start or enhance their current practice, it is a great option to do exactly that. Brit is a true student of the practice and she's passionate about sharing her learnings.

Emmanuel, Toronto

This series was the perfect way for me to begin my meditation practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your gentle, patient approach. I felt safe and supported during our 21 day practice and now have many meditations to use as I continue my journey.

Laura, Toronto

Brittany's meditation series is a must for anyone looking to one, add some structure into their lives, and two, learn about different types of meditation. I'm not great at sticking to things, but I stuck to the 21 days and looked forward to it every morning. I'm excited to do this series again!

Steph, Toronto

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